Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hard Candy drops in our laps-Yummy!

This morning, I woke up (thank god. I'm NOT dead), and I almost forgot that today was the new release day for the new Madonna c.d. (bad gay). I logged on to i-tunes, and I listened to all the tracks first, just to see whether or not, I actually wanted to purchase the c.d. (yeah, like I wouldn't). Then I realized that I had a gift card from my friend buckycatt, so I redeemed my gift card for madonna (now that's a true fan). I , of course love the c.d. and will burn miss buckycatt a copy, I'f she chooses to want a copy. I went with the deluxe c.d. which has the digital booklet, and 2 remixes of the song 4 minutes. And of course, you don't get the lyrics to any of the songs, which means I can either figure out what I think Madonna is saying (flies in a bad feather hat), or go to a lyrics website, and read the actual words. Either way, the c.d. so far has satisfied this sometimes skeptic gay man.

The drag n hoot on saturday evening, was once again, a HUGE success (did you have any doubt). My corset, on the other hand, was cinched so tight, I got welts on my back from the damn thing (beauty is painful, but how painful does it have to be)? I was happy with my song choices, and I loved the crowd, minus a miss Della. What a frickin' BITCH! You don't sit there, and get upset when the emcee (myself), makes fun of your hideous hat. Get over it! And then to attack me in the beanery restaurant, the next morning as I'm leaving and to tell me that I wasn't a very good emcee in her eyes. Get your eyes checked you under sighted cow! As far as I'm concerned, YOU are banned from further drag n hoot shows. How's that for being what you described as "not in character or attitude enough"! *snap* You wanted a bitchy queen with attitude, well she just got her last and only wish. Go teach some dance lessons to students who will never know the joy of dance, due to your stupidness. Moving on......

I also have decided, for future shows, that we need performers who have ACTUALLY performed before, and who have not just decided on a whim, that they would like to try performing. NO! You want to try it for the first time, try kareoke. And for the love of god (love you), I'f you can't sing, then don't. This isn't a competition like Idol, and I'f it were, you wouldn't make it to hollywood, trust me!

Over the weekend, Baby Mama was #1 at the box office. Then I read on line today, that Amy Poehler is actually pregnant, and expecting her first child. Talk about a real life role. Go Amy! I watched D housewives on sunday. OMG what a great episode. The fact that Orson admitted to running over Mike, and then Bree kicking him to the curb. Ouch! This week's episode looks great too. To bad the season is almost over. Ooh well, at least we have the Olympics to keep us company (swim that lap)!

That's all I have for today. I'll be back on thursday with my review of Chicago, which Mike and I are going to see tonight, as part of broadway in bozeman. Hope you all have a great day! Still love ya Kathy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And the winner isn't....ME!

O.K. for those of you who read my blog (all 5), you probably know by now, that I DIDN'T win the Miss Kathy contest. :-( I look at it as a defeat, and also as an opportunity to try again, when she has another give away. As you all know, I am not giving up on the dream to one day meet my idol in person (whether in court or otherwise). I am proud of what I had done, and I have had 240 hits as of today on you tube. Not bad! I'f Kathy ever does read my blogger page in silence, I want to say thank you and that I appreciate you for being my inspiration (ooh dear, someone hand me a tissue). And I apologize to those of you (all 5), who actually read my blog, for not writing on here in over a week. I had to have a grieving period about the loss of not winning. Now I'm over it, and Im ready to dive into some celebrity talk.

I read that Marlee Matlin was the next contestant to go from dancing. Like I've said in previous blogs, I never watch the show. Maybe next season I will start (yeah, right). On a non celebrity front, I got a new puppy! Her name is LoLa, and she's 9 weeks old. She is a springer spaniel, and she's a cutie. I will post a picture on here of her for you all to drool over. You can even use it as a screen saver for your laptops I'f you'd like! Now I have 2 dogs. Man, I love motherhood (and no painful delivery of either dog). We went and saw the Al Pacino movie 88 minutes last night. I wish I could get back those 88 minutes I lost, by going to this movie. It was awful. Good popcorn though. D housewives was good on sunday. Ugly betty returns on thursday. Life in t.v. land is good (for another 4 weeks). I was watching t.v. the other night, and I saw another commercial from Geico, only this time the celebrity endorser was of all people Misses butterworth. XCUSE ME! You have a maple syrup as your spokes person? It was so stupid! Then at the end of the commercial, they put up the Geico lettering, and Misses B says "ooh dear, someone has put a logo, right over my face". Thank god the ending was at least good. I wish the actual geico customer had knocked Misses B off the couch she was sitting on, or poured her entire body of work, so to speak on a huge pancake. That'll keep her quiet! (Could someone pass the butter)?

With less than a week to go, for the new madge c.d. to be released, I wonder how it'll fair on the billboard charts the following week? Ashlee Simpson has a new c.d. out (use it as a coaster for drinks). Drag N Hoot is this saturday evening. I have my boots, which I've been rehearsing in, and my corset just came yesterday, and fits (thank goodness). I'm so excited about the show. It'll be here before I know it! That's all I have for this blog. I'll be back on friday with pics of LoLa, and my new haircut, which I get tomorrow morning. have a great couple days, and remember Kathy I still like you! (I shoulda won)!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And the winner is?


Monday, April 14, 2008

And the winner going to Mohegan Sun to see Kathy is?

O.K. as all of you (5) know, I entered the Miss Kathy contest almost 2 weeks ago. The deadline for entries was this past thursday, April 10th. It is now Monday, April 14th, and still no sign of who the winner's are. I have had 186 hits on you tube, since I posted my blog 10 days ago. Not bad. My video entry, is also on Kathy's forum site right when you click on it. I know I won, or at least I think I have. This wait is killing me! This is just as bad as waiting to read or hear about an audition for the firehouse 5 in livingston (even hollywood rejects or accepts you quicker). Whether I win or not, I at least tried, and I won't give up on my quest to meet Miss Kathy in person one day. I'f she were smart, she'd meet me now and get it over with (wouldn't you)

Sorry it has been so long, since I wrote on my blog. This Kathy contest has been my new obsession (but not in a stalky way, too expensive to fly to L.A. to hide behind a shrub. That just isn't me). Britney was yet again in another fender bender this past weekend. Well, at least her accidents aren't as frequent as they used to be, and are spread further apart (sorta like her legs. Closed for cleaning, come back when more stable). I was able to watch D. Housewives last night (hooray), but forgot to record the episode longer and it was cut off. Now I have to watch the episode on abc.com, and put up with those annoying ads. At least I can skip to the end of the episode. Dirt had its season finale last night also. Haven't watched it yet, but when the season only had 6 episodes, it shouldn't take too long. Oprah is going to be a guest star on 30 rock, playing Tina Fey's best friend. Hmm. I wonder I'f Oprah will be a true best friend, and bring the entire cast new cars, or just crappy gift basket's filled with cookies and muffins?

That's all I have for this edition. I will be back on wednesday, and hopefully with some news either way about the Kathy contest. Until then, have a great couple of days, that are starting your work weeks. Don't forget your lunches, and come straight home afterwards!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Only 2 more days to go, and the winner is........

O.K. Unless you've been living under a rock (hey, some people like to be close to mother earth. I'm thirsty. May have a glass of water?), then you all (5) know by now that my contest video to win Kathy tickets is up and running on you tube. Since last friday, when I made my debut, I have had 87 hits as of this morning. I'm trying to break 100 before thursday. The contest itself ends on thursday, so I'm not too sure when Kathy will call, e-mail, or post on her website who the winner's are. I, of course am confident that I will win, but on the off chance I don't I will let you know either way. Now onto celebrity news. I'm sure you've heard by now that Beyonce and long time love muffin Jay-z tied the knot last weekend. Like we all didn't see that coming. I am happy for both of them. You know, she's going to get in the "I'm pregnant" line here shortly. I can't see Beyonce pregnant in high platforms, tripping on her face while performing. She'd better switch to sketcher tennis shoes just to be safe (she is fierce)!

I have decided to take my friend Brian's advice, and space out my paragraphs on here, so as not to have one huge blog sentence. He had brought up a great point, being that when you read my blog in the past, you would lose your place while reading the blog, due to sentence runnage. Heck, even I had the same problem when I would proof read my blog. But look at it now. Thanks brian! I'll buy you yet again, another my little pony. I just read on line as of last evening, that project runway is moving to a new network in the fall, that network being lifetime. Heidi and Tim will still be our mentor's, but the current judges haven't been renewed to come back, as of yet. Hmm. I wonder what courtney love is doing these days?

That's all I have for this blog. I know it's a short one, but I'm so darn excited about this Kathy Griffin contest! It's going to kill me to wait until the winner's are announced. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll be back on friday with a week wrap up, and hopefully some news about the contest. Have a great day y'all!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Kathy Griffin contest video is FINALLY done and on you tube!

Hello one and all.  I wanted to write a quick blog on here,  and give you the link to my you tube video,  for Kathy Griffin's Mohegan Sun contest.  

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

FINALLY! Something to talk about. (Thank you Bonnie Ratt)!

Since I was last on here ( friday,  but who's counting),  I had been waiting for a miracle of miracles blog wise,  to write about.  It's amazing what can happen when you give hollywood a couple days,  to give us (me) a chance to catch up.  Now they have!  There wasn't really any one story,  that stuck out in my mind.  But you be the judge (don't worry judy,  your day job's safe with me!  Order).  The # 1 movie over the weekend was 21.  I plan on seeing it either tomorrow night,  or friday night.  I like Kevin Spacey (yummy)!  Ever since I saw him in American Beauty,  all sweaty with his ripped muscles....you get the idea (I would hope so).  Then I read on line that Brad and Angelina,  had gotten married over the weekend.  But then I found out it was false.  They're planning on getting hitched (don't go to the wedding Jennifer!  I'f you do,  recycle a gift from your marriage to brad.  Say that tacky cheese tray HIS mother gave both of you)!  US weekly magazine is already calling it the wedding of the century (I believe that was tomcat.  Nice try bradgelina)!   We shall see,  won't we!  Then I read that Kathy Lee Gifford,  is returning to daytime t.v. (and not as a guest on Dr. Phil.  Stay away from him girl)!  She's going to be on the today show's new extended hour to boost ratings.  I don't care what anyone has said about Kathy Lee in the past,  I like her.  I like her better than that snotty little blond bitch soap actress who thinks she's all that,  but isn't because she's dumb and annoying!  You go Kathy!  I won't be watching Kathy on the Today's last hour (Martha's on at the same time),  but I'm sure she'll be fine.  Madonna is in talks to star in the re make of the movie Casablanca.  Pardon me,  but after her movie swept away (which was thrown back out in the tide because it tanked),  you'd think she'd learn her lesson on the whole actress thing.  Wrong!  I love ya to death Madge,  but save the acting for someone like Dakota Fanning.  O.K. bad example!

On dancing with the stars last night,  Steve Guttenberg was kicked to the curb.  He is still very handsome,  I have to admit.  But you know what they say,  Once a loser ALWAYS a loser!  Try not to revive anymore of those police academy movies steve K!  Britney has hired back her former manager whom she fired,  and who got britney discovered and made her what she was BEFORE the coke using,  driving drunk,  showing va jay-jay,  neglecting her kids,  and eating PB and J sandwiches with chips on the sandwich.  God bless you sir!  Now get her career where it needs to be!  The only other story that caught my eye,  was some actor on CSI,  who is the highest paid actor on t.v.  I've watched the show in reruns before,  but not because of this tool who makes the big bucks.  I watched because I wanted to see the young hottie CSI agents take it off!  Then I realized,  I should've watched a bear porn instead (meow)!  I will be finishing my audition tape tomorrow for the Kathy Griffin contest (and on KG thursday.  Coincidence?  I think so)!  Until friday y'all,  I send you love and best dishes!  Damn,  I have that corny Paula Dean tag line stuck in my head on auto pilot!  Thx Paula!  Now go make me a turkey pie bitch!