Friday, January 30, 2009

Another week has finally come to an end

Well, with this being the last week of January, and what with my promise to all my loyal readers (5 and still alive), to blog AT LEAST 1x per week let's jump right into it! After coming back from my trip to DC, and having to re-adjust to my actual time zone again, the first week back was very busy and activity packed! Monday of course was weekly luncheon day. And to my surprise and shock, my long lost friend Rick W. showed up! he must've heard I had brought him back a souvenir from the nation's capitol. Then monday evening, I went and auditioned for the next production of West Side Story at the firehouse 5. After being asked by Mr. Lewis (Russ) to stay and sing not once but 2X, I was in actor's heaven (or hell)! I will find out today after 5:00 p.m. whether I will play Maria, I mean Tony or Riff or whether I am bitten in the ass (and not in the good way) again and play a begger!

Tuesday evening I worked. Made pretty good money, which I needed after my trip to DC. Wednesday I went with mike and becky and saw Slumdog Millionaire. OMG! what an awesome movie. I didn't know what to expect with this, but I was pleasantly surprised. One woman in front of us with her husband was on the edge of her seat (no really). She was actually sitting on the edge of her theatre seat watching the ending to the movie. Talk about a true movie fan! She then fell out of the seat and landed in some sticky movie theatre covered popcorn and spilt soda. O.K. she didan't, but one can hope can't one?

I watched American Idol all week, and I have to say thank god the auditions are finally over! Don't get me wrong, I love watching the "I have been compared to Maria Carey/Mary J Blige" wannabe's try to get that golden ticket. I am ready for hollywood and to see who stays and who goes (ba-bye bikini girl)! I can't decide if I like this new side to Paula Abdul or not. She is much more aware of her surroundings this season and she's not lying her head down on the judges table when voting yes or no. GO Paula!

It was announced this week, that ugly betty is being shelved from thursdays starting in april. The ratings have gone down according to the networks standards. So instead of betty, we have to put up with 2-30 minute sitcoms. The first one Samantha Who, which I have NEVER watched, and a new comedy with Megan Mullaly from wil and grace and her failed talk show. My money is on you Betty! Kick some samantha/megan behind!

Donny and Marie (miss I've lost 45 pounds of body weight, but still have a huge head), were both on The Bonnie Hunt show (love ya Bonnie, but come on donny and marie)? Donny blurted out on Miss Bonnie's show, that he is going to be on the new season of dancing with the stars. Then he denies EVER saying that! Typical Osmond fashion! Utah called for you both, they want you to never return to the state due to embarrassment!

The highlight of the week (and I do mean highlight), was when I had heard about Patti Lupone freaking out on a theatre goer who was at her production of Gypsy. During a live performance this dunb ass decides to take not 1 or 2 photos of Miss Patti, but 3 photos! Patti gave him a tongue lashing and stopped the show and her solo mid-way and told the guy off in front of the packed audience! Then she had him removed (have you seen some of the "volunteer" ushers some theatre's have). Way 2 GO!
If you wanna hear the entire audio of Patti ripping this guy a new one, just log on to you tube. It is well worth checking out!

That's all I have for this week's blog. I will be back next friday with more wonderful and exciting stories (promises-promises).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have I been In a coma? Its already 2009!

O.K. first off, let me say that not having written ANY sort of a blog for those devoted fans I hope I still have (you know who you are or were) I apologize. There, that wasn't so bad! I haven't been in a coma, as much as I have been too busy to write (a poor excuse, but I feel a somewhat good excuse). O.K. since my last blog W-A-Y back in june 08' a lot has happened to both me and the world. I was doing a summer production of the foreigner in livingston, Mt. The show was a smash hit (by community theatre standards anyway). After the show ended, I auditioned for the musical "Oliver" at the same theatre. Talk about putting myself thru pain and misery. There were so many children in the production, which by the way was my first production I have EVER done with more than a couple children (were talking 1-2 max), I would've rather had a triple root canal (now rinse and spit). The show was actually a lot more fun than I had expected. Maybe due to the fact I played the undertaker in the show and there were 2 coffins in case any children were getting out of control (has anyone seen oliver)? After oliver was over, I took a much needed break from the stage (now I know how mickey rourke felt). I had way too much entertainment popping up all over to catch up on! Between t.v. music, movies, and dvd I was a very busy boy! First off the new t.v. season. With D housewives, Ugly Betty, Top Chef, and a few new series starting up I was in DVR heaven! Fast forward to current to date and we have American Idol back as well as Hell's Kitchen (that Gorden Ramsey is such a nice and calm mentor).

Music. The one and only one album (is that still a word we use) I wanted to download (there we go), was of course-BRITNEY!
I love it! She is back and leaner, meaner (o.k. maybe not mean), and cleaner than ever. So much so, that I purchased tickets to see her in concert this coming April in Salt Lake City (who knew Utah condones thrusting and grinding in a public forum). After the release of Britney's new album (or c.d. or download you get the idea), not much else really came out to take my breath away (shameless I know). I did download "lady ga-ga". She makes Britney, Janet, Madge, and Christina all look like nuns with good habits. Miss lady is going to give these diva's a run for her money. And what's up with Beyonce's music video for single ladies (put a ring on it)? Maybe you didn't get the ring because you were too demanding and you were pressuring your man too much to tie that knot! The video has everyone from JT to large and burley men wearing a black dancing outfit and recreating her song. Some were pretty funny. Some weren't bad. And most, well let's just say I know why your single!

Movies. BATMAN! HEATH! AWESOME! Need I say more ( I think not)!

DVD'S. BATMAN! HEATH! AWESOME! again, you get the idea.

I just returned from the inauguration of our 44th president Barack Obama! It was an awesome experience. Over 1.8 million people were there to witness history. The energy in the crowd from the sea of people was incredible. I wish I could've met Barack and Michelle (one day my fellow americans). When George W. Bush came out before the inauguration ceremony for Obama, the crowd of people started to sing NA-NA-NA-NA. NA-NA-NA-NA. HEY HEY HEY! GOODBYE! How appropriate.

Well, I hope I have caught you up on a very long and busy 6 months. I swear, as a blogger with a fan base of 5 (could be just myself now), I promise I will blog at least once a week no matter what my schedule is going to be (thank god for DVR). Until next time I send you best dishes from my family to yours (no, I am not sending you our good china to use for your pleasure).