Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally we have a decision on blithe

After 2, count them 2 weeks of patiently waiting to hear from faye, she called me on tuesday morning and left me a message on my voice mail (I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer), to tell me I WASN'T cast in the production. She rambled on in her message about me being too young looking to play the male lead (hello, that's why they make stage make-up) and she told me to break a leg for future auditions (more like break YOUR leg, when you accidentally fall down a flight of stairs-oops)!

I kinda figured I wasn't going to get the part, that I am fine with. But then she is dishonest and disrespectful to me, by making me wait longer than a sinking ship out at sea (my heart will go on). I find out after she called me tuesday morning, that she had already had a read through on monday night. And she casts of all people to play the lead jason Moreland (shock). he thinks he's such a great and talented actor (not). If she takes as long to decide on a cast, then I can only imagine what she'd been like as a director. I will go and see the production ONLY because my friend (and inside spy), renee is in it. Can't wait to laugh in the faces of ungrateness!

The benefit at the firehouse 5 last saturday evening was kinda fun. i'd rather have had a root canal and that would've been funner type of fun. The show was over 3 hours long! Including intermission. That's a long time to see 2 rival gangs kill one of the opposite gang members. of course, when they're fighting with knives the old school way, it takes a while. Someone hand me a couple mass weapon hand guns, and let's end this misery! Were all tired of sitting here, waiting for the show to end! (pass the wine)!

Since the slipper is out, drag n hoot the finale is a go! April 25th will be the last hoot show at the firehouse 5. A benefit for Maria. More details to come as we get closer to the event.

Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day! Of course, I ended up working instead of drinking and puking my guts out in Butte (good choice). it was so dead at the restaurant. A table of 6 came in and asked If we were open. I said yes, and the woman with the party of 6 said she thought we were closed, and forgot to turn the open signs off (I wish). Then as I am seating the family, the husband asks me if I was the server and the cook and the dishwasher? I say no, I have both of them here working with me. Then he asks me where they're cars were parked, because he couldn't understand how they got to work that night, what with only his car and my car the only cars visible in the parking lot. I tell him that our dishwasher is a pre-release convict, and the cook's girlfriend probably dropped him off at work, so she could have his truck that night. WTF! Too many questions!

On American Idol last night, Alexis grace had the lowest number of votes from us, the american (and canadian) public. So, Simon and the judges gave her a second chance to redeem herself and had her sing too keep a spot. She didn't make it. She was obviously fighting a cold and sounded like it when she attempted to belt out her tune. We'll miss U Alexis!

On dancing with the stars, Belinda Carlisle was voted off. I never watch the show, but I always read the recap the day after the elimination vote. Guess Belinda will go-go back home-home. O.K. that WAS a bad pun (I feel a sarcastic and funnier pun coming. There ya go)!

Be sure to catch Miss Kathy as she hosts this saturdays Mad TV. Until next week America! Canada! France! Italy! Greece!

Friday, March 13, 2009

And 2 weeks later, still no word on Blithe

O.K. for those of you who have been waiting patiently (myself included), here is what I have found out so far on the production that I auditioned for over 2 weeks ago. The director was supposed to have decided by last thursday, as to who she wanted to cast. Thursday came and went, and not a single phone call from Faye (the director). So, after I get done with work friday afternoon, I called faye and asked her what was going on. She told me she was going to audition more females for the available female roles, and she would have a decision by monday. She also apologized to me for not calling me on thursday evening.

Jump to monday. Mike and I had gone to livingston for our usual monday luncheon date with the gang. Rick was in Billings with his dad, who had a Dr. appointment and Brian overslept when I called to see where he was, and was wasn't going to make it.
Peggy, one of the women who had auditioned the night I did, was at the restaurant we went to for lunch and she said she hadn't heard anything from faye either. Half way thru our lunch, peggy who was sitting at a seperate table close to ours, got a phone call from her husband that faye had called her house and left peggy a message that she was cast as mrs. bradshaw. Then after lunch, I texted my friend renee who also auditioned the same night I did, to see if she was called. faye called renee to tell her she got the part that she read for. I worked monday night, cell phone on my belt loop on the off chance that faye was gonna call. No such luck. Now its tuesday, and STILL no call from faye, so I assume that she cast other males for the 2 male roles.

I called faye that afternoon while at work, to see what was going on. She said she was still auditioning a few more females that afternoon at 5:00 and she will call me either way, when she decides. Then she says that she still may need me, depending on what happens at the auditions that afternoon. It is now friday and I haven't heard anything from faye. No phone call, voice mail.

I am a little (o.k. A LOT) ticked off at faye right now. First off, she decides to call the 3 women that she DOES wanna use in the production, but DOESN'T even have the courtesy to call me either way, like she said she would. I find it very rude and unprofessional of her, as a director and a human being to pull something like this. I have NEVER in my entire stage career been left in the dark about one of two male parts! The Blue slipper theatre is known for this process of course. At least when I have auditioned for the firehouse 5 theatre, I know at the end of the week If I was cast either by the cast list being posted on their website, or the cast list being posted on the front door of the firehouse 5.

If Faye calls (ever), and offers me a one of the two male parts, I will probably take one. But, I am and will let her know exactly how I feel about her process towards casting and calling (maybe after the run of the production). That's where it stands.

Moving on. Haven't had a chance to watch this weeks American Idol yet. I have read on line who was kicked to the curb (ouch)
only instead of one person, 2 people were kicked to that curb outside the studio (ouch-ouch). On wednesday afternoon, Becky and I went and saw-watchmen. I liked it a lot. The movie itself is over 2 hours, but you really don't notice the time.

I FINALLY watched all 6 episodes of Ru Paul's drag race. I watched all 6 episodes on logo. OMG! I loved it. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. Wigs flying, not proper tucking, make-up, heels, outfits, and attitude. The finale is next week already (sadness). I liked the show so much, I downloaded ru's new single cover girl, which I will perform at the drag revolution in 2 weeks here in Bozeman.

I downloaded the new Kelly Clarkson c.d. this week. The old kelly is back after her not so successful album "my december".
Some of the songs on the new album need to grow on me, while others are gonna be on repeat quite a bit. Go kelly!

That's all I have for this week ending march 13th (jason, is that u)? I will be back on thursday next week, due to my being gone to Billings next friday. Until then......

Friday, March 6, 2009

lucky # 13 for American Idols, minus an annoying wild card return (paula)?

Sorry my blog from last week was cut so short. But, after re-reading it a few seconds ago, I think I said everything I had to say about the oscars telecast. If I left something out of importance, then post it on here for me, and I will respond accordingly (that was a big word to spell, even for me)!

Well, for those of you who have been living under a boulder (how's that going for you), you know by now that we have a first on american idol this season. We have 13 instead of 12 finalists. Anoop was almost duped until simon told him he was in. I almost missed the moment because my dvr ran longer than expected due to a one miss tatiana (u little bitch)! First off, I was shocked at the fact that she was asked to come back and be in the wild card round last night (ratings booster). Then during her interview before she sang (which took for-ever), she all of a sudden had her accent back (funny how that happens). She re-sang whitney houston's "saving all my love for you" mind you a 3rd time! When she was done, simon called her on it, and asked her what she was gonna due if she made the top 12, and she had to sing a different genre of music for that particular week? She said she'd comply (more like ba-bye)! Then, of course when she was told by paula that the judges were going with megan, and NOT her, she decides to beg and plead in front of the judges table TO the judges (I swear judge judy needs to replace paula next season). So long ta-tiana! And the next time we'll see you, is when we're in the drive thru at taco bell (I'll have the number nothing)!

I was pleased though, that lil' rounds made it thru. I like her. And who isn't excited about next week's american idol with kanye west and kelly clarkson BOTH on the show (someone pinch me! OUCH). Britney kicked off her circus tour this week in new orleans. I watched the opening number "circus" on line. It was awesome! I don't care what ya' all say bout brit, she's a talentied singer rit thir. (god, I have turned trailer trash)!

I wasn't cast in the foreigner in bozeman (bastards)! I auditioned for the production "blithe spirit" this past monday, and the director was supposed to have called AND decided by last evening. Well, no phone call yesterday or last night so I called her this afternoon. She's re-auditioning some more women for the show this weekend, and she'll have a decision by this coming monday. OMG! would you just tell me already if I have a part or not? I'll be in my trailer (o.k. more like my bathroom).

well, that's all I have for this week. I'll be back next week with more (promise)! Until then keep reaching for the stars (except you ta-tiana)!