Friday, May 16, 2008

Mr. Diamond knocks off Madge for the #1 album of the week (who knew Neil was SO rough)!

That's right people, Neil Diamond has the #1 album this week, with his new release. Of course, he sold less copies of this new album for the week, than madonna, who sold 3x the amount last week alone (poor neil). Madonna falls a whopping 66% of her albums sales to #3. At least she's in the top 5 still. Hope to see a tour from the blond ambition herself soon. Moving on.....

Ellen Degeneres yesterday on her daytime talk show, told the audience that she plans to marry her girlfriend. Aaww. I can just see it now. All the lesbians wearing carpenter pants with tools in the ring loops. As long as there's cake, I'll go (I just blew my chances, with that lesbian comment. Damn me for being such a smart ass)! I am happy for Ellen, but as everyone (mostly gay people) know, lesbian marriage lasts about as long as drying your clothes at the laundromat (20 minutes). I hope she'll stay in the game, fight the good fight.....ooh, who am I kidding. Keep the gifts, and recycle those for future weddings you attend for others (a toaster, you shouldn't have. And only YOU know, you didan't)!

With only 2 weeks away for the BIG premier of sex and the city, I was a bit surprised when I saw photos of the movie premier in hollywood. Sarah Jessica parker, looked gorgeous as ever, until I saw what she was wearing on her head. She called it a hat, I called it a plant. I tried to e-mail myself the photo to my blogger, so I could post it, for those who haven't seen it yet. Trust me, just go to, and view it for yourselves. It was awful! Even Carrie Bradshaw (sarah's character name on SATC), wouldn't wear such a hideous thing! Then Cynthia Nixon, wears a low (and I mean low) cut dress on top, and barely has enough fabric to cover those boobies of hers! Kim Catrell looked stunning, as did the other one, I'm drawing a blank. A couple of fashion don'ts aren't going to stop this SATC fan from going to the movie!

I went and saw "what happens in vegas" on wednesday night. It was hilarious! I wish I could've seen more of Ashton Kutcher's behind without boxer briefs, but that will have to do. D housewives 2 hour season finale this sunday night! Did anyone (all 5 of you, besides mike and I), see the scene when lynette slaps kayla at the clothing store, for being such a snotty, bratty, little bitch! Then she calls her shrink, and lies to him and says that lynette is abusive to her. Girl, you deserve it! Your like a re-incarnated version of Damien from the omen. I think your both related (yeah, like creepy I'm possessed stand back or I'll kill you with one look, kinda that creepy)! I wish she would just be committed to a ward, like every other serial killer.

Last and certainly not least (thank you god), I was watching top chef on bravo this week. The winner of the elimination challenge won a bottle of $9.00 wine. Wow! All that love and sweat, and you get a $9.00 bottle of wine. Why not just add insult to injury, and give the winner a gift card to a goodwill thrift store (bravo, now go and buy yourself a new outfit someone else has worn, but may be deceased. Enjoy)! Have a great weekend all. I'll be back on tuesday with a weekend wrap up. Love to Kathy, and hope to catch you in Minneapolis on Oct.3rd! Remember kids, that would make a great birthday gift (for me, of course)!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hard Candy is #1 in the land. All hail to the queen!

I am so happy for Madonna. She dethroned that marrying a younger man diva Mariah Carey, out of the #1 album spot. How does it feel to be second MC? Of course, Mariah is on the cover of People magazine this coming week, with photos of her new much younger (can I see some I.D.) husband, Nick Cannon. Thanks to buckycatt for letting me know! I do wanna see the wedding photos, just to see how awful, I mean awfully gorgeous MC looked that day (I think her chest gets all the attention). madonna has released her second and third singles off hard candy already. talk about ambitious. The second single "give it 2 me", has already reached into the top 40. The third single "beat goes on", featuring Kanye West debuted at 100. I also heard, she is possibly planning a tour after all. I would love to see her, yet again If she does do a tour. She is awesome to see in concert, and anyone who would like to buy me a ticket for my upcoming birthday, feel free to do so! No really, I don't mind!

I, being the American Idol fanatic (not), forgot to tape the elimination episode on wednesday night. So, I went on line yesterday to see who had been kicked off. The finale is 2 weeks away, and I haven't even watched ANY of the season. Luckily, I have them on dvd, so I can catch up this summer during the Olympics. Miss Kathy's new season of D-list, starts on June 12th. I went to her website this morning, for the first time since not winning tickets to mohegan sun. She has a countdown clock on there that shows days, hours, and minutes until the new season will begin. She also has the remainder of this year booked with concert dates. The closest city she'll be to Montana, will be Minneapolis. I think I feel a trip coming on! Hope she'll have another contest to win tickets before then.

On yahoo this morning, they listed the top 5 mother's day gifts NOT to give mom. Let's go over them shall we! 1. Appliances (I agree). 2. Lotion (Hmm, tough call. If mom has dry skin, it would help. But on the other hand, it could apply to her that she has bad hygene). 3. Little house on the praire inspired pajamas (o.k. now that is just way to much. Even Laura would agree). 4. Vacuum cleaners (again, suggesting to dear mom, that she doesn't clean enough, or not good enough). 5. A cold (nyquil If she already has a cold. Otherwise, wash your hands for mom, or she'll wash them for you)! Get her a gift card to get a tattoe like every trailer trash family does (fer me, this is better than my carton of cigarettes from last year. I was hoping fer a new skirt on the house, but I suppose I can wait til my berthday). Get your mother an awesome gift! She gave you all life people!

Finally, not too many new movies opening this weekend. Speed racer, and What happens in Vegas. Either one, I wish to see. Now next friday, narnia opens, and I do wanna see that! Britney is making her second appearance this monday night, on the cbs show "how I met your mother", which I'm taping! She'd better be just as good this time. Happy Mother's day all! I will see you next week! Love to my girl Kathy! I'm out! (We know! The whole world knows your GAY! Move along, nothing 2 C here)!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco De Mayo! ( What about holding the Mayo)?

Happy Cinco everyone! Now go out, and have a couple margurita's, some chips and salsa, and pass out in alley somewhere (aahh, good times)! Where did the weekend go? Not a lot of news worthy material happened. Well, o.k. there was this insane story, that Mariah Carey married youngster Nick Cannon. She's 38! he's 10! I mean really people. Just kidding about Nick being 10. He's actually 17. But still. The fact she married someone so young, that he could be her son! I can just imagine what nick was thinking during his pre teen years. "One day, I'm going marry Miss Mariah. And she'll be as old as my mom. Can she make me a PB and J sandwich with hardly anything on? You know she will! I will be the happiest kid alive")! Then he jerks off with PB and everything becomes sticky! Good luck with THAT Mariah! The other day, Mike and I were going to lunch, and we were walking towards the restaurant, which is next to a sally beauty supply store. I look at the poster in the window, and what do I see to my surprise? Paris Hilton hair extensions! OMG! What the? Your kidding me, right? Who the hell would wanna buy hair extensions, named after Paris? No, that Isn't hott! Give me a break! This whole sentence sure had a lot of exclamations!

D housewives last night was so good! OMG! I can't believe the season is almost over (bad writers)! Gaby and Carlos have a new roommate played by child star, Justine Bateman. Is it just me, or does she look more man like, now that she's gotten older? I kept looking at her, and she REALLY does look like a male! Maybe a she male? Who knows. Anyway, last night's episode was very good. Tom's daughter, has this "Im a serial killer" character going on with her, and Its very good, yet creepy! Someone grab some garlic, a rosary, and a wooden cross, and let's chase her to the top of wisteria lane! Bamm! Glad that's over!

Iron Man was # 1 over the weekend raking in $100 million. Now Robert Downey has more money to pay for more rehab! This will be the first huge movie he's had since.......well, since I can remember! What were some of his "hit" movies? I am drawing a blank. Oh well. I am curious to see, whether Madonna knocked off Mariah tomorrow, for the #1 album of last week. go madge! I have listened to her c.d. every day, since last tuesday. Some songs are more better than others. But I will always love Madonna, no matter what! Besides Kathy, she's been my idol for like ever! I sound like a young school girl. Like totally!

That's all I have for this edition. I will be back on Kathy griffin thursday. I am going to go to her website, and see what's happening. I haven't checked it out, since I lost the contest! My you tube entry is still on also. have a good one! Make it a stiff one! :-)

Friday, May 2, 2008

A day late, and A $1000.00 short. Can someone spare some?

Alright, someone bitch slap me (ouch, it was a joke), I promised a new blog by yesterday and of course, it never happened. And on Kathy Griffin thursday no less. Well anyway, here it is friday. After reading the blog comment from exit 333 (holla), about the new madonna c.d. "hard Candy", I got to thinking about what Mr. exit had said, that being her new c.d. isn't as good as some of her previous material. Then yesterday Morning, and pretty much off and on all day yesterday, I found myself listening to certain songs playing in my mind, but out loud. Then I knew that this new c.d. was going to be just fine. Give it a chance exit, I think you'll like it. It's quite a change, sound wise for Madonna, but it is her last c.d. with time warner. Can't wait for her new projects with her new record label. Maybe she could be less old school trampy Madonna on her upcoming c.d. Who am I kidding!

On dancing with the stars (which I never watch), Shannon Elizabeth was voted off, along with her dancing partner she fell in love with in real life while on the show. Hope you both are happy with each other, until another reality show breaks you both up. Aahh, isn't non relationship (I just wanna sleep with you for a while until the next great thing happens in my life) wonderful!
And speaking of sleeping around, what's with Barbara Walters admitting like over 30 years later, that she had an affair with a senator back in the day. Who cares! No offense babra, But it isn't the same excitement as a male senator with his pants down to his ankles in a airport bathroom stall, getting serviced by another male (hope he used one of those paper seat covers). The thought of Barbara having ANYTHING sexual then or now, is making me sick (pepto)? I like her, but don't wanna see her in that type of interview ("now, would you please take off your pants. How did that make you feel")? Gay Eeww! I need an eraser.

Then there's the big story of the week, that being Paula Abdul commenting on two performances by an Idol contestant, but the contestant only had sang his first song! Wake up Paula! I know your in there (somewhere). I thought it was rather funny. Then she goes on Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show, to defend her actions, by saying she had her notes mixed up from the rehearsel which she had watched earlier that day. Now there is a big stink that Idol plays favoritism by the judges, because they can watch either a live rehearsel or a taped one, 2 hours before the actual performance is aired to all of us. I would have to agree with that. The judges should wait to see the actual performance, just like all of us! What is this world coming to (not a lot right now). There is only 3 more weeks of this Idol season left, then we can move on to the summer olympics, which is a whole other ball game of judging (thank god, Paula isn't an olympic judge).

Chicago the musical was good the other evening. We had seats with no back support (the old school bleachers), so we moved to seats with backs. I would rather see a show like that in New York on broadway. But for what it was worth, it wasn't half bad (just the first half was, only because the first half is always the longest). I didn't see Catherine Zeta, or Renee Z. but they must've had the night off. That's all I have for this edition. I'll be back next week with more observations! Still love ya Kathy!