Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Everything tastes betta with butta (you go Paula, Deen that is)!

So, as most of you (still all 5. What a fan base!) know, I am in rehearsel for the foreigner and I have to speak with a georgian accent. I figured I'd watch Paula Deen on the food network, to get a feel for my accent. I don't have any words in my dialouge that are "butter" or "ya' all". Maybe I could add them. Hmmm. I think I have it down, but just to be safe, I have decided to purchase a c.d. on georgian accents (is there such a thing)?

Yesterday was lunch monday (or monday lunch). We had a great time discussing some of my creepy hook ups from previous years (wash your hands). I can't believe I was never killed and left for dead, after meeting some of these nut jobs. Remember kids, play safe and carry mace! On this, being new music tuesday I didn't see anything I had to have, and couldn't live without. Motley Crew? Next! A new Jessica Simpson single (which is a country song), next! How to be like Oprah in 2 weeks. Hmmm....

Get smart was the #1 movie over the weekend, beating out The Love Guru. I told you, NEVER have JT in your movies. He will jinx it and the movie will tank EVERY time! Now I have 2 see get smart and Kung Foo Panda. And of course, Batman! Boy george has been banned from returning to the U.S. due to his criminal past and impending trial. And I thought it was because they didn't want that old queen to star in another crappy musical (come on, who saw that production, that rosie o produced, what was it called? SEE I TOLD YOU! IT WAS SO BAD, EVEN I CAN'T REMEMBER THE MUSICAL~ I smell a tony (is that what that smell was)?

That's all I have for this edition. I'll be back on Kathy G thursday! And I hope 2 have LoLa's photos uploaded also! Ciao~

Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 weeks has come and gone. Where have I been? Obviously NOT on here!

Its been 2 weeks, since my last blog post. Of course, for those of you who watch Miss Kathy, you know my life on the D list started last thursday evening, followed by the A list awards. Loved D list, not so much on the A list awards. Sure, I love kathy, and I enjoyed her as the host, but the celebrity's who were there, and the award catergories (best rear of the year), just wasn't working for me. I did however purchase Kathy's new comedy c.d. for your consideration. Love it! I highly recommend everyone go and purchase it (or I can burn you a copy, your choice). I am also excited to have seen that project runway season 5, starts in July on bravo! This will be the last season for runway on the bravo! channel, then it moves to its new home-Lifetime. I am NOT going to watch another rerun of the hit movie "Mother, may I sleep with danger" starring the ever so talented Tori spelling, either before or after a runway episode on lifetime. Or meredith baxter (over 100 LT movies), or Tracey Gold (50 LT movies).

I will post photos of my LoLa on here shortly. :-) Happy Pride weekend Y'all!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hello again! Where the hell have you been?

Well, Well, Well. If it isn't our sarcastic blogger back from god knows where (do we REALLY want to know)? That's right folks, I took a hiatus, just not as long as the former writers strike in hollywood (now that would be awful)! Where have I been? Where did I go? Only myself and LoLa (the new pup), know the answers to those questions. But, as you can see Im back! And speaking of back, my kathy is back this thursday with her awards show, and all new episodes of my life on the D list. She also has a new comedy c.d. (which I of course plan on downloading on i-tunes). I thought I'd make my triumphant return the same week as Kathy. How'd I do? O.K. it maybe isn't the same as Kathy, but at least the effort was there! Kathy will also be on larry king tonight, which I'll be taping! Obama cliched the nomination on tuesday, and yesterday, he and Hilary were in a secret meeting yesterday (some secret, we all knew. Pick a better meeting place, like the old tree house from the little rascals-O-TAY)!

Then I read a study was conducted that flip flop sandals can cause foot damage. NO! Say it isn't so. Of course they will. Look at them. There thinner that kate moss on a good day (which is hardly never). Try wearing those on an 8-9 hour waiting shift. That's all I have for this blog. I need to go, and set my dvr to record larry king live tonight. Peace out! (It sounded good when I said it out loud in my mind, before I typed it).