Friday, April 3, 2009

Once again-2 weeks too long!

O.K. Maybe I haven't written in 2 weeks, I am writing now (hooray)! I guess I got so pre-occupied what with the drag revolution show that I lost track of time (and blogging). So, let me back up for you. On march 20th, Mike and I drove to Billings for the open house, at Rocky Mountain College. I had gone to Casper a few weeks prior, and wasn't impressed with the campus, the tour, the cheap ass danish (little debbie and still in the wrapper). So, after a long road trip to Casper (I prefer the friendly ghost more), I decided to bag going to school in Wyoming. Then I had heard about RMC in Billings. They had an open house on march 20 and Mike and decided to go check it out (well, I did. Mike went around billings looking for a crispy creme). I was on my own. I loved the campus, the people and staff I met (especially the hot males). I have applied to go there in the fall of this year. I will keep you posted.....

After the open house, I figured since I was in Billings, I would go to some of the thrift stores to see if I could find some drag pieces for the upcoming show. Salvation army was awful! I felt like I was in a bad episode of My name is earl. We left there and went to the Missionary thrift store. Talk about one extreme to another. Trying to shop while being blasted by old school christian music (were talking christy lane). I thought my ears were going to bleed due to the fact a drag queen was combing the racks for diva like outfits. What I found was old, frumpy, and not very appealing. And that was just the staff who "volunteered" there.
After no luck at the gap tooth, and you'll burn in hell, we went to good will. More like rack upon rack of BAD-no I won't!

Who knew going to TJ-Maxx would've been my salvation (take that)! I found a great top and a easy bottom...ooh wait

Most of my outfits were bought here right in Bozeman. At Ross! Who knew-again!

The show itself was a lot of fun. But, being a drag n hoot diva-I'll take hoot over revolution any time!

Miss beccalicious went to L.A. for a week to get away from her big 4-0! We went to see Haunting in connecticut on wednesday night. It wasn't that bad. I liked it better than I thought I would. You'd think miss becky would've brought me back a souvenir from her big trip, but not so much! I was just glad to see her back and in her theater seat next to me!

Sorry such a short blog. I will write more next week! Until then.....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally we have a decision on blithe

After 2, count them 2 weeks of patiently waiting to hear from faye, she called me on tuesday morning and left me a message on my voice mail (I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't answer), to tell me I WASN'T cast in the production. She rambled on in her message about me being too young looking to play the male lead (hello, that's why they make stage make-up) and she told me to break a leg for future auditions (more like break YOUR leg, when you accidentally fall down a flight of stairs-oops)!

I kinda figured I wasn't going to get the part, that I am fine with. But then she is dishonest and disrespectful to me, by making me wait longer than a sinking ship out at sea (my heart will go on). I find out after she called me tuesday morning, that she had already had a read through on monday night. And she casts of all people to play the lead jason Moreland (shock). he thinks he's such a great and talented actor (not). If she takes as long to decide on a cast, then I can only imagine what she'd been like as a director. I will go and see the production ONLY because my friend (and inside spy), renee is in it. Can't wait to laugh in the faces of ungrateness!

The benefit at the firehouse 5 last saturday evening was kinda fun. i'd rather have had a root canal and that would've been funner type of fun. The show was over 3 hours long! Including intermission. That's a long time to see 2 rival gangs kill one of the opposite gang members. of course, when they're fighting with knives the old school way, it takes a while. Someone hand me a couple mass weapon hand guns, and let's end this misery! Were all tired of sitting here, waiting for the show to end! (pass the wine)!

Since the slipper is out, drag n hoot the finale is a go! April 25th will be the last hoot show at the firehouse 5. A benefit for Maria. More details to come as we get closer to the event.

Tuesday was St. Patrick's Day! Of course, I ended up working instead of drinking and puking my guts out in Butte (good choice). it was so dead at the restaurant. A table of 6 came in and asked If we were open. I said yes, and the woman with the party of 6 said she thought we were closed, and forgot to turn the open signs off (I wish). Then as I am seating the family, the husband asks me if I was the server and the cook and the dishwasher? I say no, I have both of them here working with me. Then he asks me where they're cars were parked, because he couldn't understand how they got to work that night, what with only his car and my car the only cars visible in the parking lot. I tell him that our dishwasher is a pre-release convict, and the cook's girlfriend probably dropped him off at work, so she could have his truck that night. WTF! Too many questions!

On American Idol last night, Alexis grace had the lowest number of votes from us, the american (and canadian) public. So, Simon and the judges gave her a second chance to redeem herself and had her sing too keep a spot. She didn't make it. She was obviously fighting a cold and sounded like it when she attempted to belt out her tune. We'll miss U Alexis!

On dancing with the stars, Belinda Carlisle was voted off. I never watch the show, but I always read the recap the day after the elimination vote. Guess Belinda will go-go back home-home. O.K. that WAS a bad pun (I feel a sarcastic and funnier pun coming. There ya go)!

Be sure to catch Miss Kathy as she hosts this saturdays Mad TV. Until next week America! Canada! France! Italy! Greece!

Friday, March 13, 2009

And 2 weeks later, still no word on Blithe

O.K. for those of you who have been waiting patiently (myself included), here is what I have found out so far on the production that I auditioned for over 2 weeks ago. The director was supposed to have decided by last thursday, as to who she wanted to cast. Thursday came and went, and not a single phone call from Faye (the director). So, after I get done with work friday afternoon, I called faye and asked her what was going on. She told me she was going to audition more females for the available female roles, and she would have a decision by monday. She also apologized to me for not calling me on thursday evening.

Jump to monday. Mike and I had gone to livingston for our usual monday luncheon date with the gang. Rick was in Billings with his dad, who had a Dr. appointment and Brian overslept when I called to see where he was, and was wasn't going to make it.
Peggy, one of the women who had auditioned the night I did, was at the restaurant we went to for lunch and she said she hadn't heard anything from faye either. Half way thru our lunch, peggy who was sitting at a seperate table close to ours, got a phone call from her husband that faye had called her house and left peggy a message that she was cast as mrs. bradshaw. Then after lunch, I texted my friend renee who also auditioned the same night I did, to see if she was called. faye called renee to tell her she got the part that she read for. I worked monday night, cell phone on my belt loop on the off chance that faye was gonna call. No such luck. Now its tuesday, and STILL no call from faye, so I assume that she cast other males for the 2 male roles.

I called faye that afternoon while at work, to see what was going on. She said she was still auditioning a few more females that afternoon at 5:00 and she will call me either way, when she decides. Then she says that she still may need me, depending on what happens at the auditions that afternoon. It is now friday and I haven't heard anything from faye. No phone call, voice mail.

I am a little (o.k. A LOT) ticked off at faye right now. First off, she decides to call the 3 women that she DOES wanna use in the production, but DOESN'T even have the courtesy to call me either way, like she said she would. I find it very rude and unprofessional of her, as a director and a human being to pull something like this. I have NEVER in my entire stage career been left in the dark about one of two male parts! The Blue slipper theatre is known for this process of course. At least when I have auditioned for the firehouse 5 theatre, I know at the end of the week If I was cast either by the cast list being posted on their website, or the cast list being posted on the front door of the firehouse 5.

If Faye calls (ever), and offers me a one of the two male parts, I will probably take one. But, I am and will let her know exactly how I feel about her process towards casting and calling (maybe after the run of the production). That's where it stands.

Moving on. Haven't had a chance to watch this weeks American Idol yet. I have read on line who was kicked to the curb (ouch)
only instead of one person, 2 people were kicked to that curb outside the studio (ouch-ouch). On wednesday afternoon, Becky and I went and saw-watchmen. I liked it a lot. The movie itself is over 2 hours, but you really don't notice the time.

I FINALLY watched all 6 episodes of Ru Paul's drag race. I watched all 6 episodes on logo. OMG! I loved it. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. Wigs flying, not proper tucking, make-up, heels, outfits, and attitude. The finale is next week already (sadness). I liked the show so much, I downloaded ru's new single cover girl, which I will perform at the drag revolution in 2 weeks here in Bozeman.

I downloaded the new Kelly Clarkson c.d. this week. The old kelly is back after her not so successful album "my december".
Some of the songs on the new album need to grow on me, while others are gonna be on repeat quite a bit. Go kelly!

That's all I have for this week ending march 13th (jason, is that u)? I will be back on thursday next week, due to my being gone to Billings next friday. Until then......

Friday, March 6, 2009

lucky # 13 for American Idols, minus an annoying wild card return (paula)?

Sorry my blog from last week was cut so short. But, after re-reading it a few seconds ago, I think I said everything I had to say about the oscars telecast. If I left something out of importance, then post it on here for me, and I will respond accordingly (that was a big word to spell, even for me)!

Well, for those of you who have been living under a boulder (how's that going for you), you know by now that we have a first on american idol this season. We have 13 instead of 12 finalists. Anoop was almost duped until simon told him he was in. I almost missed the moment because my dvr ran longer than expected due to a one miss tatiana (u little bitch)! First off, I was shocked at the fact that she was asked to come back and be in the wild card round last night (ratings booster). Then during her interview before she sang (which took for-ever), she all of a sudden had her accent back (funny how that happens). She re-sang whitney houston's "saving all my love for you" mind you a 3rd time! When she was done, simon called her on it, and asked her what she was gonna due if she made the top 12, and she had to sing a different genre of music for that particular week? She said she'd comply (more like ba-bye)! Then, of course when she was told by paula that the judges were going with megan, and NOT her, she decides to beg and plead in front of the judges table TO the judges (I swear judge judy needs to replace paula next season). So long ta-tiana! And the next time we'll see you, is when we're in the drive thru at taco bell (I'll have the number nothing)!

I was pleased though, that lil' rounds made it thru. I like her. And who isn't excited about next week's american idol with kanye west and kelly clarkson BOTH on the show (someone pinch me! OUCH). Britney kicked off her circus tour this week in new orleans. I watched the opening number "circus" on line. It was awesome! I don't care what ya' all say bout brit, she's a talentied singer rit thir. (god, I have turned trailer trash)!

I wasn't cast in the foreigner in bozeman (bastards)! I auditioned for the production "blithe spirit" this past monday, and the director was supposed to have called AND decided by last evening. Well, no phone call yesterday or last night so I called her this afternoon. She's re-auditioning some more women for the show this weekend, and she'll have a decision by this coming monday. OMG! would you just tell me already if I have a part or not? I'll be in my trailer (o.k. more like my bathroom).

well, that's all I have for this week. I'll be back next week with more (promise)! Until then keep reaching for the stars (except you ta-tiana)!

Friday, February 27, 2009

OMG! Not 1 single comment from last week's blog?

I can't believe its been a week and not even 1 blog comment from last week! Am I losing my touch (yeah right). Maybe you were all too bust watching the Oscars (that must be it). We had a small gathering here at the house that night. Food, beer, wine, and Mr. Oscar himself. I was hoping (and I do mean hoping and praying), that Hugh Jackman would've been naked as they had reported earlier the week before on line. No such luck, but he did look dapper in his tux and wavey hair (I can imagine him naked)!

Slum dog millionaire won 8 oscars. Sean Penn (dump the misses for me) won for best actor for Milk. Kate Winslet won for best actress for the reader (which I have yet to see). penelope Cruz won for best supporting actress and heath ledger won for best supporting actor for the dark knight. All in all, it was a good show, minus the dance/musical montage half-way thru with beyonce, zach efron, and hugh (again). I liked the opening musical number hugh had done at the beginning of the broadcast, but do we REALLY need another during the overly bearing long show? I'd rather see paint dry on sean penn's body (pass me a brush)!

It wouldn't be an oscar's show, without winners and losers of fashion. Miley cyrus or should I say ye old christmas tree. All she needed was a star on her head and bam! Sophia Loren. I know your the most ageless actress around (minus joan collins), but that dress you wore was hideous! It looked like a gown you had in a garment bag for over 50 years! Then Jessica Beil (why she was there was beyond me). Your dress looked like a drapery you pulled off your curtain rod from your living room window (it looks better on the window, trust me)! Miss viola from the movie doubt looked like she was auditioning to be a solid gold dancer rather than attend for best supporting actress!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Goodbye saint Valentine, Hello blarney stones

Another holiday (and an overly hyped one) has come and gone. I, of course had to work on valentines day over an 8 hour shift. When I finally DID leave work, I had called Old Chicago and ordered a single piece of turtle cheesecake for mike and I to share as our dessert after dinner. When I got to OC to pick up my cheesecake, I gave the host (who by the way looked way to dumb to work there) my name which I had given when I called in my order. He looks up at me and says "is it christian?" No moron, but close! Then about 3 other employees varying in range from hosts/hostesses and a server ALL walked up to see if Captain oblivious needed assistance ( too late). I know that some people are missing a few brain cells, but come on! Go clean a table or color in your coloring books and scoot!

When i finally got home, Mike had a dozen roses waiting for me (aaww). he made me an awesome dinner of panko crusted pork chops, green beans, and wild rice. I gave him his gifts of a Gift card to the quilting store downtown, and his 16 piece box of chocolate from la chocolate'. We settled in for the evening and watched some t.v. I went to bed, and Mike fell asleep on the sofa
(now that's what I call romance)!

Sunday was LoLa's 1 year birthday (our springer spaniel). I stopped at the store and bought some pound cake, ice cream, and some strawberries for a shortcake kinda dessert (12.99 for a 8 inch-2 layer cake in the bakery! I think not)! We invited our friends Norm and My best friend Tony, who was visiting from South dakota over for dinner. The new dog toys that Mike and I, and that Norm bought Miss LoLa lasted about 2 hours, then they were trashed. At least LoLa had a good birthday. I think.....

Monday was onezie-funzie day. After working that evening, I got off work and headed straight home to change into my union suit for the party. Tony ended up coming with and he wasn't wearing anything red except his underwear ( TMI). We headed out and on the way to livingston, where the 1Z party was Tony had to stop for gas ( next time try beano)! To the holiday gas station we went. As he was filling up, I ran in ( o.k. more like briskly walked) in and grabbed myself a water and a bag of caramel bugles, which Tony has had before, and of course which I had to try. I kept getting texts from everyone who were waiting on both of us to get to the bar.....

Brian, texted me "did u get my last text" several times. I finally texted back "YES!" Then he asked me If I was upset or angry? I said no, why would he ask me that? Turns out when your texting or chatting on-line with someone when you use capitol letters, your shouting at them. I, of course being up on my text/IM knowledge didn't know that. YOU DO LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY!!

Tony and I finally get to the office (the name of the bar), and everyone is giving both of us crap (not crap literally, verbally). They were saying "did your grandma drive you both over the hill". Tony, at one point said it took so long for both of us to get there, because I was going down on him. N-O! Everyone was so anxious for us to get there, because they were waiting to do southern comfort butt cream shots (don't ask). We did our shots, went to the mint had another round there, went to the murray, where we had a 3rd round of butt cream (I like this butt cream, I am not as sore) and I had 2 cosmos ( I feel so carrie bradshaw). Then onto the stockman for final call. After we closed down the stockman, we drove out to the truck stop for some breakfast.

Jessica ( a.k.a. Cherrie) was so bombed, she fell asleep waiting for her food. Of course once it arrived at the table she was wide awake. I had never seen Jessica that trashed before. I kinda liked that side of her. I like her when she's sober, but when she's drunk she let's herself be wild and free (like a baby deer in the forest). All in all, it was an awesome 1Z.

I had to work on tuesday evening, which was so pleasant when your hung over. I drank a red bull and a regular coffee during my shift. I was there until almost 11:00 p.m.! Walt, our new GM decides to have "Ben" the new cook on by himself with me that night. Ben has NEVER cooked before by myself. Then he had to do all his closing duties which he waited to do until 10:00 p.m. instead of doing them as he went on thru the night. I was done myself by 10:15 ( and hung over even) and could've left.
But, when your a shift manager and have to set the alarm for the entire building, well you get the idea. Then 5 minutes before ben got done, his girlfriend called and asked If he was still there. Hmmm. What do U think? yes he is, and no he CAN'T talk!

Wednesday afternoon, becky and I went to see the new friday the 13th. It was very good. Of course, they show jason's body being rolled into lake crystal by the two remaining survivors of jason's terror, and then both survivor's are sitting on the end of the dock. Jason jumps through the walk way and grabs the girl (wow! I DID see that coming). So, a sequel is in order (shock).

On a side note for those being chased by a mad man. When you go to hide in a barn or a shed, and your trying to find a hiding place, don't go for the first object you see, that you think will hide your entire existence, but actually won't. In the new 13th, the girl survivor and her brother decide to hide in a barn. The brother says "hide" and you hide in back of a barrel that's as big as a large soda cup from the concessions counter. Ooh no, jason WON'T see you in back of that (wink). Then when your brother has a chain wrapped around his neck and that chain is pulling him towards a wood chipper blade, don't stand there with a look of confusion on your face like "should I help him from jason?" YES! And your not even a dumb blond!

And speaking of not so dumb blonds. On american idol this week, the top 3 from group 1 advanced into the top 12. Alexis grace (love ya), oil rigger Michael Sarver ( want you), and finally Danny Gokey (I wanna have your baby, If I could). Miss Tatiana DIDN'T make the top 3. I am shocked! Not really. I loved the results show on wednesday night, when it came down to tatiana and danny. Ryan asked her if she thought she made the top 3. She answered it was up to god. Well, god said no!

Maybe If your annoying laughter wasn't so apparent, and the fact that your full of yourself as the best thing to happen to Idol since Sanjaya (need I say more). Then when danny was asked to sing "hero", which he sang the previous night, tatiana was crying and whimpering in back of the other 9 who hadn't made it, who were I am sure just as upset they didn't make it, but had the respect and courtesy to watch danny sing his song. Simon actually had a good point. Tatiana you are a DRAMA QUEEN! So you didn't make the top 12. dust yourself off, pick yourself up, and go back to your job at dairy queen ( can I have a blizzard)?

I am auditioning for the foreigner on monday evening at the ellen theatre in Bozeman. I will let you know how it goes. And of course the Oscar's this sunday evening! I'll have a wrap up on those next friday also. Until next week, Make it a good one!

Friday, February 13, 2009

And what A week it was!

Its hard to believe that valentines day, is already here. Never mind the fact that wally world has a huge ass display full of cheap flowers, cheaper cakes, cookies, and candies, and the cheapest greeting cards displays all when you walk in the store by the produce section (let's see, lettuce, tomato, ooh yeah flowers). Then we have our beloved St. pat's day around the corner ( who the hell buys those shamrock string lights and ACTUALLY hangs them on their homes)? I love the latter of the 2 holidays (any excuse to get drunk)! Any holiday that celebrates alcohol consumption AND men in kilts without underwear! I wanna move 2 Ireland (blarney me)!

Did anyone watch the grammies? Yeah, me either. I did start to watch, but after the first 30-45 minutes, I switched over to D housewives (a wise choice). I did see Kid Rock perform and he was actually good. Before that, Miss houston (who is a problem), was presenting the award for best R & B performance. Then right before she announces the winner, she breaks out in a congrats to Clive Davis the producer and rambles on for-ever and has him stand up to take a bow, for winning a lifetime achievement award of some kind, which he accepted THE NIGHT BEFORE! Wake up whiney, I mean whitney. Quick ass kissing your producer!

Then the most shocking news of the grammy evening (no, not Miss abdul's gown). On a quick side note to paula, Cleopatra sent a sand in time message, and she wants her gown back! Chris Brown was arrested for hitting a woman, whom we later found out was Rihanna. WAY 2 GO GIRL! Anyone who hits anyone, no matter who they are, must be punished! Good luck being a prison bitch Mr. Brown. say Hi 2 Boy george for me (do you really want to hurt me? No really. I am into that sorta thing).

Then dancing with the stars that same evening, was teasing us with the new season of hopefuls vying for that dancing crown. Some of the stars I did recognize. Others, I haven't EVEN heard of. I guess Madge was busy counting all her money from her sold-out sticky and sweet tour to call the show back. When they say stars, there should be actual stars. Brad, hugh, Bale.

I watched A Idol to see whom was going to be the 36 lucky finalists. I can't believe ta-tiana made it! O.K. I am not THAT surprised. But that overbearing, annoying laugh has got to go! I don't even think she's THAT good of a singer (even nursing home residents gave her a 2 out of 10). I expect she won't last long.

On wednesday evening, mike, becky, rick, and myself went and saw Taken. It was actually better than I expected (I say that about every movie I have doubt about. Except the movie Doubt). Last saturday I went with Miss buckycatt, bonnie, bucky's parents, and mike to see Milk. I loved it. Sean Penn was awesome as Harvey Milk ( and hot as ever)! remember when Sean was a not as good of an actor in the early beginning (need I mention Shanghai surprise. great bad flashback memory). He has really stepped up his game the last few years. I wanna see him in my shower naked in 2 weeks for an interview (I can dream).

Not much happened this week at work, like it did last week (redneck's must've bought their milk at the store). It was rather nice and quiet (well, except for that screaming kid with her parents. I should've offered her a metal fork 2 suck on)! make sure everyone goes and sees the NEW friday the 13th! I am going on wednesday with beccalicious. I am also attending her annual onezie-funzie event on monday evening. Its an anti valentines day drink fest (even though I do have Mike, I am still invited). I will update all (2) of you next friday with the details. Don't forget the amazing race starts sunday night! Until next week!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Good-bye January hello February

I can't believe I am ACTUALLY keeping my promise, and writing a blog once a week. When you think about it, once a week isn't that bad. Its like anything you'd do in a one week period. Washing your car, laundry, surfing the web for porn (ooh wait, scratch that). I was so excited to read a new comment from my blog last friday. A big shot out to harmonious in NY! Spread the word to all your friends, to check me out (literally). Also a huge shot out 2 buckycatt! God, I feel like I am giving an acceptance speech at an awards show. Cue the music to cut him off from babbling quick! That was a close one!

Well, as I am sure all of you have heard, bikini girl DIDAN'T make it to the 3rd round on A Idol. Then when she was leaving, she struck a couple poses (madonna you ain't sista), and pissed off judge Kara who I am sure is pleased as punch that bikini is gone.
We don't need another diva wanna be on Idol, we already have 4 plus ryan. So much for me being on now (like I had a chance)!
I went and saw the movie "the uninvited" on wednesday with beccalicious and rick (shock)! It was actually better than I expected.
It was much better than the unborn. Friday the 13th starts next friday the 13th (I know, bad pun). Jason is alive and kicking (more like axing) yet again. I am sure we'll see more camp crystal sequel's to come after this. I think they should make a friday the 13th with 13 celebrity's and the final survivor out of the 12 who get killed gets a chance at living and a new chevy cavalier.

what in the world?.....A woman who has 6 children, gives birth to 8 more! Either you really love kids, or you really like the attention having that many children gives you in your life (not to mention the book deal, the talk show circuit, and the increase in your monthly check from uncle sam, who isn't your uncle). If you have ANY more children, we are all tying off your tubes, and sewing your lips shut ( and I ain't talking about the set you use to eat and drink with).

O.K. so yesterday I am the grocery store, doing some shopping. I go to the dairy isle and get my milk (1%), and as I am walking towards the cooler, I see a woman on her cell, talking in her OUT LOUD voice to the person on the other end of her phone. At first I thought maybe the person who she's talking with is hard of hearing. Then I realized that this woman is one of those people who like to talk in their "out loud" voice, and doesn't care who or what is around her when she talks. So, being a smart person, I walk away and ignore her and head to the cereal isle (raison bran). As I walk toward the cereal I hear a familiar voice behind me. Its the "out loud" woman still on her phone, and still carrying on this conversation from 2 minutes ago.

As I turn to walk away to give her a nasty look (come on, we've all given that look), I hear her say "out loud"
"what's the name of your one dog you have again? I couldn't remember what your dogs name was this morning when I was in the shower, trying to remember"? O.K. its one thing to talk "out loud" on your cell, but then you go and add the visual of you naked in the shower, trying to think of your friend's dog, and what its name is. TOO MUCH INFORMATION! And all I wanted was my milk and cereal, so I can have a regular BM every morning (oops).

I have been reading the book "waiter rant" which I can totally relate to, seeing as how I am a waiter. I went on to the website to see a photo of the author, out of curiosity. he looked nothing like I had pictured him to look like. I pictured a tall, thin, and kinda a queen looking male. I saw a robust male with glasses who is actually rather cute (2 bad your str8).

The other evening when I was working by myself on the floor as a server and a supervisor, I had become a little steady with tables. A family of 5 walks in and asks for a booth (shock). I offer to clean off a booth which just left and they said that would be fine (like they'd say no thanks). I clean off the table and seat them. I have 3 other tables to take besides them, so I start taking drink orders from the family of 5. Everyone knew what they wanted to drink, except the one little girl at the table. As I am standing there, waiting to see what this little girl wants to drink (chlorine in 5min if she hasn't decided), I can feel the eyes of my other tables on the back of my neck, looking at me as if to say where's the server? The dad asks me to get the drinks for everyone at the table, who have decided what they want to drink and asks me to come back. I said "not a problem" (lie).

I come back with everyone's drinks, except the little girl who's STILL deciding (come on, the menu isn't THAT big), and then she FINALLY decides (water. figures). I start to take the food order for the table. We get to little miss undecided, and she actually knows what she wants, only to be shot down by mommy dearest. Her mother tells her she can't have that, and she can have this instead, then asks her daughter "do you want that or not" like its an actual choice she CAN make even though it has already been decided for her. The little girl stars throwing a fit and doesn't say anything. Then out of no where, the mother looks at her and says "you'd better decide what you want, the server won't be back for 3 more hours". Xcuse me?

Listen bitch, I have been patiently waiting for you and your family to decide on drinks (waters all around please), and then decide what you all want to eat, all the while making 3 other tables wait on you and your sorry asses! Then you tell your daughter I may not come back for 3 hours. Try the rest of your stay with us! I get the order from unlucky 21, feed them, take my other tables orders, and get caught up. When its time to drop off the bill, joan crawford hands me a credit card and asks me to ring her up (more like wring her neck). As I am walking away to run the card, she stops me and says "ooh wait can I see the total first?" Before I can even hand her the bill, she rips it out of my hands to look at it like a rhino charging its prey. I pray I never see them again for a good 6 months!

Then that same evening (how lucky can I get), I take a table of 3. Two redneck cowboys (my favorite) and a cowgirl (their whore). I take their order and get their drinks. The One asshole cowboy, orders a large milk, then asks for 2 count them 2 refills of milk, which I of course charge him for. I drop off the bill, and as I am taking an order at the table in front of them, I hear redneck (I like men sexually but will deny it, due to the fact people will think I am a homo) say I overcharged him for milk to his trailer trash hook up girlfriend. You wanted 3 glasses of milk. Its not my fault you drank all 3 glasses and then had to pay for all 3. Next time, due the math. I know you don't know HOW to due basic math, but when you ask for something more than once, and there is a charge for it each time you keep getting it, you have to pay for it each and every time.

That would be like going to a bar and ordering 3 drinks, and asking only to pay for 1 of the 3. Listen dumb ass, next time go to McDonald's where they're used to dumb asses like yourself. You can even get refills on your beverage for free, EXCEPT MILK!

Until next week, I am over and out!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Another week has finally come to an end

Well, with this being the last week of January, and what with my promise to all my loyal readers (5 and still alive), to blog AT LEAST 1x per week let's jump right into it! After coming back from my trip to DC, and having to re-adjust to my actual time zone again, the first week back was very busy and activity packed! Monday of course was weekly luncheon day. And to my surprise and shock, my long lost friend Rick W. showed up! he must've heard I had brought him back a souvenir from the nation's capitol. Then monday evening, I went and auditioned for the next production of West Side Story at the firehouse 5. After being asked by Mr. Lewis (Russ) to stay and sing not once but 2X, I was in actor's heaven (or hell)! I will find out today after 5:00 p.m. whether I will play Maria, I mean Tony or Riff or whether I am bitten in the ass (and not in the good way) again and play a begger!

Tuesday evening I worked. Made pretty good money, which I needed after my trip to DC. Wednesday I went with mike and becky and saw Slumdog Millionaire. OMG! what an awesome movie. I didn't know what to expect with this, but I was pleasantly surprised. One woman in front of us with her husband was on the edge of her seat (no really). She was actually sitting on the edge of her theatre seat watching the ending to the movie. Talk about a true movie fan! She then fell out of the seat and landed in some sticky movie theatre covered popcorn and spilt soda. O.K. she didan't, but one can hope can't one?

I watched American Idol all week, and I have to say thank god the auditions are finally over! Don't get me wrong, I love watching the "I have been compared to Maria Carey/Mary J Blige" wannabe's try to get that golden ticket. I am ready for hollywood and to see who stays and who goes (ba-bye bikini girl)! I can't decide if I like this new side to Paula Abdul or not. She is much more aware of her surroundings this season and she's not lying her head down on the judges table when voting yes or no. GO Paula!

It was announced this week, that ugly betty is being shelved from thursdays starting in april. The ratings have gone down according to the networks standards. So instead of betty, we have to put up with 2-30 minute sitcoms. The first one Samantha Who, which I have NEVER watched, and a new comedy with Megan Mullaly from wil and grace and her failed talk show. My money is on you Betty! Kick some samantha/megan behind!

Donny and Marie (miss I've lost 45 pounds of body weight, but still have a huge head), were both on The Bonnie Hunt show (love ya Bonnie, but come on donny and marie)? Donny blurted out on Miss Bonnie's show, that he is going to be on the new season of dancing with the stars. Then he denies EVER saying that! Typical Osmond fashion! Utah called for you both, they want you to never return to the state due to embarrassment!

The highlight of the week (and I do mean highlight), was when I had heard about Patti Lupone freaking out on a theatre goer who was at her production of Gypsy. During a live performance this dunb ass decides to take not 1 or 2 photos of Miss Patti, but 3 photos! Patti gave him a tongue lashing and stopped the show and her solo mid-way and told the guy off in front of the packed audience! Then she had him removed (have you seen some of the "volunteer" ushers some theatre's have). Way 2 GO!
If you wanna hear the entire audio of Patti ripping this guy a new one, just log on to you tube. It is well worth checking out!

That's all I have for this week's blog. I will be back next friday with more wonderful and exciting stories (promises-promises).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Have I been In a coma? Its already 2009!

O.K. first off, let me say that not having written ANY sort of a blog for those devoted fans I hope I still have (you know who you are or were) I apologize. There, that wasn't so bad! I haven't been in a coma, as much as I have been too busy to write (a poor excuse, but I feel a somewhat good excuse). O.K. since my last blog W-A-Y back in june 08' a lot has happened to both me and the world. I was doing a summer production of the foreigner in livingston, Mt. The show was a smash hit (by community theatre standards anyway). After the show ended, I auditioned for the musical "Oliver" at the same theatre. Talk about putting myself thru pain and misery. There were so many children in the production, which by the way was my first production I have EVER done with more than a couple children (were talking 1-2 max), I would've rather had a triple root canal (now rinse and spit). The show was actually a lot more fun than I had expected. Maybe due to the fact I played the undertaker in the show and there were 2 coffins in case any children were getting out of control (has anyone seen oliver)? After oliver was over, I took a much needed break from the stage (now I know how mickey rourke felt). I had way too much entertainment popping up all over to catch up on! Between t.v. music, movies, and dvd I was a very busy boy! First off the new t.v. season. With D housewives, Ugly Betty, Top Chef, and a few new series starting up I was in DVR heaven! Fast forward to current to date and we have American Idol back as well as Hell's Kitchen (that Gorden Ramsey is such a nice and calm mentor).

Music. The one and only one album (is that still a word we use) I wanted to download (there we go), was of course-BRITNEY!
I love it! She is back and leaner, meaner (o.k. maybe not mean), and cleaner than ever. So much so, that I purchased tickets to see her in concert this coming April in Salt Lake City (who knew Utah condones thrusting and grinding in a public forum). After the release of Britney's new album (or c.d. or download you get the idea), not much else really came out to take my breath away (shameless I know). I did download "lady ga-ga". She makes Britney, Janet, Madge, and Christina all look like nuns with good habits. Miss lady is going to give these diva's a run for her money. And what's up with Beyonce's music video for single ladies (put a ring on it)? Maybe you didn't get the ring because you were too demanding and you were pressuring your man too much to tie that knot! The video has everyone from JT to large and burley men wearing a black dancing outfit and recreating her song. Some were pretty funny. Some weren't bad. And most, well let's just say I know why your single!

Movies. BATMAN! HEATH! AWESOME! Need I say more ( I think not)!

DVD'S. BATMAN! HEATH! AWESOME! again, you get the idea.

I just returned from the inauguration of our 44th president Barack Obama! It was an awesome experience. Over 1.8 million people were there to witness history. The energy in the crowd from the sea of people was incredible. I wish I could've met Barack and Michelle (one day my fellow americans). When George W. Bush came out before the inauguration ceremony for Obama, the crowd of people started to sing NA-NA-NA-NA. NA-NA-NA-NA. HEY HEY HEY! GOODBYE! How appropriate.

Well, I hope I have caught you up on a very long and busy 6 months. I swear, as a blogger with a fan base of 5 (could be just myself now), I promise I will blog at least once a week no matter what my schedule is going to be (thank god for DVR). Until next time I send you best dishes from my family to yours (no, I am not sending you our good china to use for your pleasure).