Monday, January 18, 2010

Back pain, and a hot water bottle!

Imagine my surprise, when I was sitting at the kitchen table on Sunday afternoon, checking my e-mail ( and face book), when I went to stand up, and my back went out! The pain was VERY intense. I had been fine all morning, prior to this happening. I was debating on whether or not, I wanted to go to Urgent Care ( so urgent-emergency), or if I could withstand the pain until Monday morning to wait for my regular doctor. I, of course waited until Monday morning. When I got to the office to check in, NO ONE was able to check me in! Only because a group of front desk employees were huddled around a circle talking about their weekends, over morning coffee. HELLO! Patient in pain here!

As I was waiting to be seen, several other people were waiting to see their doctor's. Mostly the more mature crowd shall we say ( and I did). I have never seen so many mature people in the same room (3 or 4 but to me, that's a lot)! Several of them, were all grumpy, weren't smiling, and seemed like they didn't wanna be there ( imagine that)! They were sitting there, drinking the complimentary coffee, reading the expired magazines from 3 months ago, waiting for their names to be called by a nurse (roll call). As I sat there, I thought to myself is this what I have to look forward to? Terrible coffee, expired magazines? If so, I don't wannna subscribe!

As I was walking back to the exam room with the nurse, she asked me "how are you doing"? I said, "good. you"? That is obviously a lie! Why do health care providers ask us that anyway? We are obviously NOT fine or doing GOOD, or would we be there? I think not! Next time I go to the doctor, and they ask me that question, I am gonna be honest. "I am doing shitty" or "how do you think I am doing"? Im not fine. I am in pain. From the stupid question you already know the answer to!

When the doctor FINALLY came to examine me, I about died ( good thing I was at the hospital). She looked like she just woke up, rolled outta bed, threw some clothes on ( frumpy and not ironed I might add), and came into work. I am in pain beyond belief, but I STILL managed to brush my teeth before I came to see you. Have you heard of a COMB! Let me go buy you one!

Needless to say, I was given some muscle relaxers, and was told to apply hot or cold pressure on my back. They may do an MRI, If my back doesn't heal by next week ( ooh goodey, a big ass needle shooting dye in my spine. good times)! I will keep you posted. For now, I plan on surfing the web, watching WAY too much daytime television, and becoming BFF'S with my new friend the muscle relaxer. Next stop, Intervention!

Until next time..........

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Bri said...

Back pain sucks big rocks. I hope you find a solution soon.
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