Friday, January 15, 2010

Pants on the Ground. Pick em up!

I was just on Face book, chatting with a great friend (HI) and I was telling her about the American idol from Wednesday night, and the Pants On The Ground song. She hadn't seen it. I just went on to You Tube, where I wanted to forward it to her, and they removed it, due to the content not falling in the guidelines of the site. REALLY? You Tube will show a person licking a donut erocitally, wearing a tube top and sweats ( I didn't see this on there, but now that I think about it) and KEEP it up, but they yank off the one video, which had gotten well over 1 million hits! What's wrong with this picture? If someone finds it, let me know!

Several celebrity's have stepped up efforts, to help with the disaster in Haiti. Madge ( a.k.a. Madonna), has donated $250,000 dollars! I always loved the material girl for her generosity! George Clooney is organizing a telethon with M T.V. ( interesting combo). I think George should give himself to the highest donation for the evening. I wonder if my bank will loan me the money? A night with Mr. Clooney sounds like heaven! Or Hell! You don't know, he may wanna watch Oceans 10-15! Naked of course!

Project Rundown, I mean Runway premeired last night. I have missed you! The 1st to go, was some sloppy designer who claims she had 2 of her pieces on the red carpet. Yeah, the red velvet rope they use on the brass poles! So long, farewell!

Matthew Morrison, who plays the sexy, curly haired teacher on GLEE, has signed his own record deal. It will be out in the spring. I plan on burning my friend Buckycatt's copy. He better be as good as Ga-Ga, or in the shredder the c.d. goes.

Rosie O'Donnell slammed Jay leno on her Sirius radio talk show, saying he needs to step off the bus, and let someone else take the wheel ( I assume she's talking about Conan). Since she likes to use metaphore, someone needs to stop using metaphore, and say what's on her actual mind (besides a candy bar)! Your a lesbian, you've ALWAYS said what's on your minds! Don't stop now ( o.k. please stop).

Get ready for The Golden Globes on Sunday (no, not Sharon Stones knockers). Until next time.........

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buckycatt said...

Bwahaha -- welcome back! I will burn you a copy when I get the cd but darlin' its Matthew Morrison. You should hear his version of The Thong Song! It truly rox. Keep up your pants and the good work!