Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not a single post since April-2009! Damn!

O.K. I admit it. When it comes to keeping up on something as simple as a blog, and writing on it even 1 week at a time, I am a slacker! I just discovered facebook a few months ago, and now I am there posting comments, more than I am on my blog. Well, your limited to the number of words (425 to be exact), in which you can post a comment. I have a lot to say, and that just won't do! So, I decided to reuse my blog and say what I wanna say, without being told I need to keep it to a minimum (hooray)!

Since last April, I had moved to Billings to attend college. That lasted 2 months. It wasn't any fault on my part. I couldn't find a job to save my life! I couldn't even get hired at McDonald's (that's pretty bad). I had no choice, but to move back to Bozeman. I worked RETAIL for the holidays, to make some money while I continued (and still do), to find a fulll time job. I have had a few interviews, but nothing has panned out. I know something will come thru for me, it always does, but I am tired of waiting!

Now, onto entertainment news (finally). American Idol started back up on Tuesday night. With Paula gone (miss you), Idol has replaced her with celebrity judges during the city to city auditions. Victoria beckham was the guest judge on Tuesday. I liked her.
She was honest with the contestants, but not rude or mean to them. Unlike Kara. There's something about Kara, that drives me crazy! I just don't see her as a good fit for a judge (never had). She was all touchy feely with Victoria, like they had been BFF'S all their lives on Tuesday night. I could tell Victoria was sitting there, thinking "get this bitch away from me, or she gets it with my straw from from my diet coke"!

Wednesday night wasn't any better. Mary J Blige, who I LOVE was the guest judge. I was expecting her to be blunt, bold, and tell it like it is Mary. Instead, she hardly was allowed to give any critique to the contesants, and when they DID show her, they showed her in the worst possible way! They showed her giggling, laughing, and snickering with her hand covering her mouth (we can STILL see you) at the contestants, as they attempted to audition. I thought she made herself the Queen of Rudeness!

She did have some great critiques, when she WAS being shown in a more serious manner. Hopefully next week's guest judges won't be so rude and crude (doubtful).

Poor Heidi-Montag-Pratt. She has her debut album (c.d. for you younger readers), coming out! I don't know when (or care)!
She apparently spent OVER 2 million dollars into this project (what a waste of money)! She said she wanted a quality album just like Britney Spears! The only difference between the both of you, IS your qualities and you don't have ANY! You should've thought about your qualitities, when you married that dufus of a man named Spencer! I had to laugh (its good for you, try it),
when I also read that heidi "THINKS" she's going to outsell Michael jackson the king of pop, in all time record sales! WHAT!

Bitch Pa-leez! The ONLY was YOUR gonna outsell Michael, is by sleeping with EVERY person on the planet, and GIVING them your nasty ass album as a forget me not! WHY won't you go away, and leave US alone? We already have ENOUGH people we have to deal with! WE don't need or want you in our lives! Your worse than the H1N1 Virus! Or a bad stain on a favorite pair of jeans that WON'T GO AWAY! I am asking you nicely (and that takes alot), to go find a shack somewhere, and NEVER leave it!

Have you seen Michelle O'Bama's new hair do? LOVE IT!!!!!

Lastly, the earthquake in Haiti is obviously a huge tradegy and loss for all of us. Now, throw in Pat Robertson's dumb ass reasoning behind the earthquake (must we)? He was quoted on his top rated show The 700 Club (that's how many people watch it). The reason the earthquake happened, was due to a pact made with the devil. Hmmm. I think he meant to say HIS pact witht the devil! Does he think the devil had NOTHING better to do, than to one day decide to make a pact with Haiti? I think the devil HAS better things to do, like give us "reality" stars that WON'T go away, Hot Pockets, bad coffee, Chef Anne Burrell, just to name a few. O.K. Pat, go back to your imaginary land inside your mind, and take a 10 year nap!

Until next time.......

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