Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Feel like I am in the Hitchcock movie The Birds (please, don't feed!)

I have noticed recently, several black crows, flying about on the roof tops of my neighbors townhouses (as well as mine). I feel If I leave the house, they'll all come towards me and peck my eyes out to death! Good thing I have protection (eye condoms)! What will be, will be. My back is feeling better than it was last week. I still have pain off and on, but the intensity isn't there as much. I even have some muscle relaxers left to take If and when I need them ( bad druggie)! I plan to get a massage later in the week.

It's snowing, yet again! I need to move to a warmer climate ( I here Colorado is nice). But, then I would gripe, complain, bitch, and moan about the weather being TOO warm ( what time is the early bird dinner)? I love warmer weather, but not warm enough to make me feel like I have been sitting in a sauna all day! Besides, I don't look good shirtless ( I am whiter than an envelope).

Watched the usual Monday night t.v. Intervention and Hoarders. They both make me feel better about my own life when I watch them (while drinking my glass of wine, on my unclean couch cushions). The one hoarder they showed, was living in such bad conditions, she had to set up a mini fridge and a microwave in the hallway outside her bedroom. They showed her making her dinner (frozen microwaved, processed foods-AGAIN)! She had a house fire several years ago, and the support beams were starting to collapse inside the place. On top of that, her favorite couch ( which they finally found), was infested with mouse droppings! And she wanted to keep it (you think Mickey and Minnie would even sit in that thing? No ma'am). I am glad she got the help, she desperately needed. I wish they'd make a follow up show, to see If the hoarders kept up with the clutter.

I saw yet ANOTHER dumb ass commercial for Viagra! A man was walking to his "Dr. Appt." As he was walking down the street, he sees his reflection in a window, and the reflection says to him "are you gonna ask the Dr. THIS time about Viagra"? Uumm, maybe you be asking the Dr. about the "voices" that are talking back to you. Just a thought.

Until next time......

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