Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ga-Ga on O-O-O -P-A RAH!

Imagine my surprise, when I found out that Ga-Ga was going to be on Orpah yesterday ( very surprised). Not only was Ga-Ga awesome as always ( did you have a doubt), but even Oprah was turning into a little monster, dancing up a storm to Bad Romance
( work that bitch ca-ra-z). Ga-Ga had a wardrobe malfunction ( no, she wasn't showing a nipp), while wearing her black studded outfit. The left shoulder piece, which was a huge studded ball, wouldn't stay up for her ( safety pins anyone)? Ga-Ga then jumped onto the hood of a propped taxi cab, and tried to smash the windshield with a mid-evil ball and chain. The windshield didn't smash, but I give Ga-Ga an a for effort (holla)!

I can't wait to see Adam Lambert on Tuesday's O. Susan Boyle will also be on there as well. I have my DVR set to tape ( DUH)!

Sigourney Weaver is having second thoughts about reprising her role in the new ghostbusters sequel. She's reconsidering the role, because everyone from the original GB is on board for the movie ( even the marshmellow man). I hope she does it (she will, won't she? She'd betta)!

Jessica Simpson ( mom jeans) is apparently working with former front man of The Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan, on her next album. I wonder what that'll be like? A trainwreck? Car crash? Punch in the face? I think you get the point ( we had it back at the beginning of this sentence)!

A good friend, was bit my a dog yesterday, while he was going on a walk. He called me, told me he was going to the doctor for an examination. The dog bit him on the crotch! OOH YES, I said it! CROTCH! Talk about painful. The owner of the dog, who bit Norm just kept walking away from him, as he tried to tell this A-hole that his dog bit him. We were all laughing when Norm was telling us last night over drinks ( cosmos rock!) about calling the police to file a report. Showing the officer the "evidence" as it were. Then having your boss's husband be your doctor, and having to drop drawer for the exam!

Needless to say, Norm was given no stiches, but REALLY good pain meds. He also has to buy new underwear, due to the officer keeping his underwear as evidence ( sure it is, perv)! He can't wear boxers, or boxer briefs, because his junk needs to be close up in a pair of plain old briefs. Doesn't this sound like a good episode for a sitcom ( I will take bids now).

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